The journey to starting Good Life Organic Kitchen was similar to the other businesses we’ve launched; a vision and the desire to disrupt our community with a positive influence, challenge the status quo, and to help those around us be better than they were before they met us.

our why

At Good Life Organic Kitchen, we believe that knowledge and education is key. Our desire is not just to be a source of healthy food, but also a source of knowledge that our franchisees and employees can provide to our customers who are interested in getting (and staying) healthier.

our founder

Stemming from a childhood that was framed around poor health decisions and little access to healthy food options, our founder, Conor Delaney, found himself to be one of the least healthy and consistently sick kids in his school. Eventually, he would lose his dad to these poor decisions and his mother would face dire health circumstances and permanent disabilities as a result as well. He knew that the root of the health decline for himself and his parents was a lack of knowledge around the food they were consuming every day.  Not only was Conor able to get his own health under control, but he is now an avid runner and leader in the health and wellness space. 

He believes if he can do it, anyone can.

Good Life Organic Kitchen desires to positively influence communities and potentially hundreds of thousands of families just like the Delaneys.